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WWE Main Event Results – June 17th


Results From WWE Main Event in Columbus Ohio

Main Event starts with Seth Rolins once again in all black, congratulating his former “Business Partner” Roman Reigns on the victory he wasn’t supposed to receive and informing him that their would be repercussions¬†on Raw. He continues by saying he held the Shield together for 2 years and was the leader. Dean Ambrose comes out and attacks Seth Rollins but is quickly interrupted by Kane. Ambrose gets double teamed but quickly gains the up hand long enough to flee up the Ramp.

Lana comes out to bash the good ol’ USA and hype up the heel Rusev even more.

Rusev DEF. Santino Marella in less than a minute.

Paige VS. Naomi

Winner: Naomi

Paige attacks Cameron as Naomi watches. Naomi and Paige shake hands

The Usos and Sheamus hype their MITB matches backstage

Dean Ambrose VS. Kane is announced for Smackdown

The Wyatts VS. The Usos and Sheamus

Bray wins using Sister Abigail on Jimmy Uso

Winner Wyatts



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