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REVIEW: Ross Report (6-18) Guest Starring MVP


Like every Wednesday on PodcastOne Good Ol’ J.R. Jim Ross releases his weekly Podcast, The Ross Report. Jim Ross special Guest this week, former WWE superstar and current TNA Star, MVP!

As I saw MVP was the guest this week I thought of a couple of things. 1. How the hell can J.R. and MVP keep me entertained for an hour and a half? I mean don’t get me wrong I enjoy both, but they are 2 TOTALLY different people in the industry of Pro-Wrestling. Number 2 being how many touchy subjects will they rub on in regard to MVP’s past and his current role in TNA. I was pleasantly surprised by this Podcast.

The Podcast kicks off like any other with J.R. “showing some love to his sponsors.” He opened promoting DDP yoga which was followed by a fairly hyped up ad for the upcoming ROH show, Best In The World. He then leads into a bit of what he and MVP would talk about which really took me by surprise. The 2 main subject he brought up were MVP’s 9 1/2 year prison sentence and his rides up the road with Chris Benoit. This intro the the podcast took me by surprise and also prompted me to intently listen to the rest of this podcast. Some can be stale and boring, but this one was the exact opposite.

Ross then goes into some of the dilemmas he has been facing recently in his life. He explains his hospital visits and how he potentially could have suffered from a stroke and also talks about his prescription Ambien and how that may have played a role.He follows this up with his normal wrestling talk. He touches on the Daniel Bryan being stripped of the title and how even though he is not of fan of that, it was the right move he just hopes the booking is precise. Ross goes from that right into how the WWE needs some old guys to mentor on the Road like Regal or Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts. We then get to the phone call with MVP.

This call has a very easy feel right off the bat, which made me feel comfortable. J.R. starts to talk to MVP about his childhood growing up in Miami with mainly his mom raising him. His dad wasn’t around much and it was usually when he got in trouble. When MVP was 16 they attempted to rob a casino and wound-up getting caught. MVP was arrested under 11 life sentences, 10 counts of Armed Kidnapping, for locking them in a closet, and 1 count of armed robbery. After a plea bargain he was sentenced to 18 years in prison. He ended up serving 9 1/2 years. While in there he met some guards who were indie wrestler the helped bust him into the industry after his release.

MVP goes on to talk indies and his eventual sign to Smackdown where he worked with the likes of The Undertaker, Kane, and Chris Benoit. They then merge into the Benoit topic. Ross asked about him and the HOF then explains that he believes Benoit would think that he isn’t Hall Of Fame material due to the destructing controversy covering his star-studded career. They talk about some mental issues and the state of Benoit and people in general who snap. That conversation ends on a positive note which they use to lead into the streak ending at Wrestlemania 30, that MVP disagreed with. Ross brings up TNA and talks about what he thinks should change there while MVP quietly sits. They end up agreeing things in the industry need to change which Ross uses to wrap up the show.

We also get news after the show that next weeks guest will be Lance Storm.

My Rating:8.80

I was very high on this show at the beginning of it. I loved the controversial topics that Ross brings up and it kept the show at a fast pace. However, I do wish that there would have been some more talk on some fan experiences and his favorite points within his WWE career. While they brought up his long feud with Benoit, it was never mentioned about his tag team and feud with Matt Hardy, which made for some hilarious TV. I remember watching Smackdown and wondering how MVP would cheat to beat Matt Hardy in a another challenge. I also wanted to learn more on who MVP idolized and how he came up with not just his move-set, but his character and also his catchphrases.

All-in-all I would say this was a damn good Podcast.

You can listen to the podcast by clicking HERE

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