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Tag Team Spiting Up?

It has been hinted on both RAW, and Main Event that The Funkadactyls are splitting up. 

Cameron faced off against Divas Champion Paige Monday Night on RAW, and started to play a heel during the match, while Naomi, who was at ringside, looked disappointed in Cameron’s actions. Tuesday night on WWE Main Event, Diva’s Champion Paige faced Naomni of the Funkadactyls. After the match Paige extended her hand for a handshake, and as Naomi was going for the shake, Cameron steps in and pushes Paige. Paige would then fight back. Naomi would watch, and shake Paige’s hand afterwords. It’ll be interesting to see how this will turn out. Will Cameron and Naomi feud with each other, or will Paige and the Diva’s Championship be involved as well? Leave your comments below on what you think will happen and on the storyline in general.


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