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Vince Found Out Who Was Behind “Cranky Vince” Account?


As reported several days ago, the Cranky Vince parody Twitter account has been shut down. Now there is speculation, that Vince knows who is behind it.

BTU Wrestling News has learned from WWE sources there are those in the company who speculate Vince McMahon discovered who was behind the account and had him/her shut it down.

Those in WWE noted McMahon had mixed reactions to the account throughout the years it was active. They said at times he was furious over certain tweets and other times tweets would pop McMahon’s sense of humor.

It’s likely if McMahon did find out who was behind the account, which is the most common reason WWE sources feel the account would randomly shut down, he’s not going to make a big deal about it. The feeling is McMahon would be embarrassed to address someone getting away with the account for so long who is around him so often. He would rather just have it go away and move on.


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