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Chris Hero GOES OFF On Independent Wrestler On Twitter

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Chris Hero went on a major rant about independent wrestler, JT Dunn hyping their match for Beyond Wrestling this Sunday. Here’s what he had to say:

Couple months back JT Dunn & I wrestled to a no contest at . After the match he had the temerity to extend his hand to me…

…as if we’re equals. We are most definitely NOT equals. And it’s not like he can blame his ignorance on temporary brain damage…

He still claims we have unfinished business & I agree… It just KILLS me to continue making this guy relevant by mentioning his name.

Enjoy it while it lasts JT DUNN. Talk about how ‘over’ you are on Twitter. Give yourself familiar nicknames like Savior & Knockout Kid…

Do moves I used to do. Hold titles I used to hold. The difference is… These are things you’ve taken. Not things you have earned.

You cannot take my respect & you certainly haven’t EARNED my respect. This Sunday- let’s make it interesting

The winner will be the last man standing. Let’s call it a…. Knockout Match, JT Dunn…

The Beyond faithful, crowded around the ring, pounding the mat & counting along.. 8.. 9.. 10. And at 10, JT, your brush w/ relevance is OVER


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