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WWE NXT Results – June 19th


Keep checking back through out the hour, because we are posting live results from WWE NXT on the WWE Network, that’s happening right now! 

WWE NXT Results – June 19th

WWE NXT starts off with a video package from last week’s NXT Championship match between Adrian Neville & Tyson Kidd. For anyone who missed that match, I personally highly suggest watching it, as it was a phenomenal match.

After the video package, they go back to Monday night on RAW, with the backstage segment betweeen NXT General Manager, JBL, and Natalya.

Sasha Banks vs. Alexa Bliss
Our first match of the night is Sasha Banks taking on Alexa Bliss. Sasha is accompanied by Summer Rae, and NXT Woman’s Champion, Charlotte. Sasha Banks takes first control of the match, connecting with a headlock. Alexa starts taking advantage by getting a quick roll up in on Banks. Going for a head scissors, Banks reverses into a back breaker, taking advantage once again. Now locking in a surfboard in on Bliss. Now at ringside, Summer Rae and Charlotte are starting to push and yell at one another. Sasha gets distracted for a second but then continues taking control in the match. Now Sasha starts getting involved with the BFF’s, and Alexa Bliss gets the roll up for the vicotry! Now all the BFF’s are getting into it, including Sasha and Charlotte going at it. Summer Rae walks away, while Sasha and Charlotte look disappoined.

Winner: Alexa Bliss

Backstage: Natalya and Tyson Kidd are backstage and Kidd is arguing with Natalya with her interference in the NXT Title match last week. Natalya looks innocent, trying to explain herself, but Tyson won’t take it, as we head into commercial.

Mojo Rawley vs. Garret Dillon
It’s now time for the second match of the night. Mojo Rawley going one on one with Garret Dillon. Garret gets in a few shots in the beginning, but Mojo takes control. Dillon starts taking control, bringing Rawley into the corner and ropes. Garret is really taking it to Mojo, now locking in the abdominal stretch. Dillon goes for a strike, but Mojo reverses into a strike of his own, starting to pick up steam. Mojo hits the Hyperdrive for the 3 count!

Backstage: Sami Zayn meets up with Tyson Kidd, who will be teaming together tonight and hypes each other up.

CJ Parker is walking in the crowd with a sign that says “Eat Local, Think Global”.

Adian English & Simon Gotch vs. Local Tag Team
The Vaudevillians, Adian English & Simon Gotch are making there way to the ring, with an old black and white looking tv effect. They are facing off against a local tag team, whose names I didn’t pick up. So far the Vaudevillains have been in control the whole time. English hits a senton form the second rope for the win.

Winners: The Vaudevillians

Backstage: RVD is interviewed backstage, talking about why he is down here. He says he is checking out all the great talent and points out the NXT Champion, Adrian Neville.

Kalisto vs. Tyler Breeze
Kalisto makes his way to the ring first, with lots of “Lucha” chants from the fans. Tyler Breeze now makes his entrance. The two tie up to start off the match. Breeze takes him to the corner, with Kalisto escaping. Happens a second time. Tyler now has a headlock in, taking Kalisto to the mat. Kalisto starts getting momentum, gets up and goes to the ropes to try to push off, but Breeze doesn’t let go and take him back down to the mat, really locking in the headlock. Kalisto tries breaking out a second time, and fails again. Breeze really doing damage and making sure Kalisto gets slowed down so he can not connect with high flying, fast pace moves, knocking down his moveset. Kalisto finally breaks out and connects with a springboard corkscrew, and knocking Tyler Breeze out side for a commercial break. Coming back from break, Breeze has control again. Breeze lock in a submission hold once again, trying to slow Kalisto down. Tyler looks pretty confident in this match, as he has have control for most of it. Kalisto gets in a hurricanrana and only get the 2 count.  Breeze quickly takes back the advantage. Once again using his ground game on Kalisto by using a front head lock. Kalisto rolls outside the ring and hits Tyler with a springboard crossbody. Both competitors are down now, as the referee starts the 10 count. Both get up at 9, and start hitting back and forth shots. Kalisto ends up hitting a kick, and goes for the cover and gets the 2 count. Both men slowly getting back up. Both reverse several moves until Tyler Breeze hits Kalisto with the Beauty Shot for the victory!

Winner: Tyler Breeze

Announced for next week: Adrian Neville vs. Rob Van Dam

Tyson Kidd & Sami Zayn vs. The Ascension
NXT Tag Team Championship on the line as The Ascension takes on the team of Tyson Kidd & Sami Zyan. Kidd & Zayn look to be on the same page making their entrances, but we will see what happens throughout the match. The Ascension makes their way to the ring, and this match is under way! Viktor & Sami start off the match. Very solid back and forth start. Sami tries going for a tag, but Viktor doesn’t let him and tags Conor in. Repeated tags from The Ascension as they continue to dominate on Sami Zayn. Won’t let Zayn get the tag to Tyson Kidd. Kidd feels like Sami doesn’t want to tag him in, and jumps down from the ring and stands on the ramp letting Zayn do all the work. Sami gets distracted by Kidd and Ascension hits their finisher for the win.

Winners: The Ascension and still Tag Team Champions



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