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Main Event REVIEW

Like I do for every show this is my review for Main Event which has just concluded LIVE on the WWE Network

We open Main Event with Dolph Ziggler in the ring witha ladder and a microphone. I was pretty stoked I enjoiy Ziggler’s promos and this one did not disappoint. He talked about the last time he won Money In The Bank and he will do it again on Sunday. He also says that Sunday isnt about stealing the show, but about him winning.Once he has concluded out comes RVD and our opening match is ready to take place.

The opening match is RVD, Dolph Ziggler, and Kofi Kingston VS. Jack Swagger, BNB, and Seth Rollins.This match opens with the 2 worst of the 6, Kofi and Swagger. This match was garbage on Raw last night and they seemingly picked up where they left off tonight. This match did get better as the other competitors came in and eventually Rollins won with the stomp. It then turned into a free for all afterward..

Next we get a package of the Layla Summer Rae and Fandango love triangle. I enjoy this as well. It gives an edge to Fandango that matches his character. Fandango and Layla make up and come out for his match VS. Bo Dallas, already to me this match was awesome. The Bell rings and Summer Rae comes running down the ramp and makes out with Fandango. Layla then jumps in and we get a long cat fight and Bo Dallas just standing there. Fandango tries to break it up and finally the divas get hauled away. Fandango gets back in the ring to get hit by the BOdog and Bo Dallas goes 10-BO. Then BO gets the mic to say “Women, mysterious creatures. But I know they will figure it out they just have to BOlieve.” Amazing is my reaction to this.

We go on to get Rybaxel VS. R-Truth and Xavier Woods and this match gets some time, or so it felt like. I was not interested at all and most of the time I read my twitter feed and played on my phone. Rybaxel wins and after the match the call out Goldust and Stardust to a match at Money In The Bank.

We then have the last section of the show, Renee Young interviewing Roman Reigns, He comes out and says she should take off her shoes in-case they have to run and  talks about beating all the competitors in the title match at MITB. Triple H comes up on the screen and says he can get a taste of Kane now and Kane comes out. He sets his pyro of and Roman doesnt budge as Kane retreats up the ramp.

Closing Credits.

I give this Main Event a 7.7

I liked a good majority of it and felt that it did more for helping the MITB card than Raw. The Rybaxel match bored me but the Bo Dallas match more than made up for it.

We have one more show before Money In The Bank and that is Smackdown Friday. Hopefully some more matches are announced and they have a good send off show for Money In The Bank sunday.



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