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Daniel Bryan To Have Second Neck Surgery?

 According to sources, Daniel Bryan was being truthful during his promo last night prior to the MITB PPV. Since undergoing neck surgery, Bryan has been having strength issues in one of his arms. It is said to be weaker than before the surgery. He is currently undergoing physical therapy, but if that is not successful, then Bryan will reportedly undergo another surgery. A second surgery would likely be a neck fusion surgery and that would put him out of action anywhere between six months to a year. The moral of the story is – it’s not a good situation and people are becoming more and more concerned as time progresses.

During the WWE Money in the Bank “kickoff” show, Daniel Bryan hinted at having to undergo a second surgery on his neck.

Bryan confirmed our reports that he’s not healing well, noting that he “doesn’t know” when he’ll be back. He went on to say that the strength in his arm still hasn’t come back and that he might actually need to undergo another surgery. He did, however, promise that he will eventually return and “be better than ever”.

Here is a recap from our WWE Money in the Bank pay-per-view report:

Without much build up at all, after a Vickie Guerrero video package for her upcoming WWE Network special, Michael Cole, standing in the ring, introduces us to his guest right now, former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan.

Bryan makes his way to the ring in street clothes. Once he enters the ring and his music fades, we hear a loud “Daniel Bryan” chant from the fans in Boston. Bryan looks around the arena with a big smile on his face as the fans continue to explode with “Daniel Bryan” and then “Yes! Yes! Yes!” chants.

After the chants die down, Cole asks Bryan how his recovery is going and asks him when he will return to the ring. Bryan says this is where he has some bad news. He has he doesn’t know. He says the strength in his arm still hasn’t come back and that he might actually need to undergo another surgery. He does, however, promise that he will eventually return and be better than ever.

Cole asks Bryan to describe his feelings knowing that tonight someone is going to climb a ladder and become the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. He says he’s been climbing an uphill battle his whole career and it wouldn’t be a Daniel Bryan story without some setbacks. He promises to return and win the title one day.

Michael Cole switches gears and asks Bryan for his prediction on who he thinks will win tonight. Bryan says he has three people he thinks could win. He mentions John Cena. Fans boo. He mentions Randy Orton. Everyone boos. He then mentions Roman Reigns and everyone cheers.

Some Twitter questions are read off for D-B to answer, and he does, in story line fashion, of course. He talks about never getting beaten for the title, and that The Authority had to strip him to get the title off of him.

As he continues talking, Bo Dallas’ music plays. Out comes the inspirational leader of the “Bo-Lieve Movement.” Dallas says Bryan may not be able to climb the ladder tonight, but he can climb the ladder of life, all he has to do is “Bo-Lieve.” Bryan says Dallas is acting like a “Bo-ner.” The fans start chanting “Bo-ner, Bo-ner, Bo-ner.” He says he speaks for all of the fans when he says “Bo….leave.” Bryan’s music plays and he leads the fans in one more “Yes!” chant.



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