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Live Report From Money in the Bank

Credit: Barry Delehanty and

Before the show went live there was a decent sized Punk chant. His shirts were still all over the crowd.

I had to have been in a different spot after the show than the other guy who sent in info was, because outside of the kids loving Cena, there were plenty of negative vibes outside. Although at one point a middle aged woman was disgusted by the hate on Cena since it was Boston and said it’d be like rooting for the Yankees. I guess?

Here’s a brief summary/opinion on what my section mid arena felt throughout the night

Awesome opener. Wyatt’s are really popular

Divas title match got a good reaction, people impressed with what they were doing.

Sandow is being wasted, but Adam Rose absolutely is getting a crowd response with the music alone.

Contract match was everything you’d have hoped. It was so well done it even felt like Kofi had a chance to win. Everybody in that match has something to offer. People still love to “we the people”, Ziggler is a nice blend of Bad Ass Billy Gunn and Mr. Perfect. RVD was big time. Ambrose is great, even if he’s what I imagine the Joker would be like if Corey Feldman played him. Just good stuff all around.

Stardust is fantastic. Goldust is in better shape now than he was in ’96 when he was fondling Razor and fighting Piper in the backlot brawl. Those two are going to be fun to watch. Ryback still has a chance to be something. Axel is just there

Rusev and Lana (the Russian Miss Hancock with those skirts), are great. It was obvious Rusev would come out on top from the get go as the Russian flag holder was above the ring before the match. If he can get the “iron sheik class” stamp of approval then he’s all set. Big E could benefit from becoming a Heyman guy, or having someone be a mouth piece. If they booked him right as a suplex machine ala Taz, he could be something.

Fandango, poor guy. That’s all.

Main even was pretty dull live. Bray is huge. Reigns got a ton of love. It was annoying to the live crowd to see how many times Kane tossed the ladders out of the ring. Their no blood rule is foolish. These are guys fighting with gigantic “steel” implements of doom. Isn’t it more believable to the people now that we saw Orton juice a gusher? Taking him out of the match and working on him was more of a distraction than anything. Glad to see he came back and actually was a star of the match and I don’t really care for him much. Cena winning was predictable. For the final 2 minutes or so of the match he was on the floor at ringside essentially watching the match waiting for his inevitable win. He could’ve at least kept his face to the floor and the refs could’ve cued him to get up, but that’s just a complaint in person that on tv may no have been noticeable.

Overall I had a blast, and regardless of who’s the champ (for now), I’ve seen some of the most exciting and interesting things going on the last few months than I’d seem in years. I think once Vince steps away, HHH is going to have a huge impact going forward. I think he’s more in touch with reality/realism myself. Can’t wait.


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