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How Much Does Matt Hardy Charge Per Appearance?

For those wondering what Matt Hardy makes for indy bookings, it is said that he charges around $1,500 as well as hotel and transportation. He also charges another $300 for Reby Sky as she often comes to the events with him. According to sources, TNA paid him nearly double that rate for his recent appearances at the New York City TV tapings.

As of right now, Matt doesn’t have contracts with TNA or ROH and is basically working on a “paid per appearance” deal. He wants to continue working for both promotions but that may not be possible as both ROH and TNA want their talents to be under contract if they are working multiple dates and are involved in long-term storyline plans. During a recent interview, Hardy noted that he’s not looking to sign a contract to work as a full-time wrestler for any company right now as he enjoys the freedom of being able to take bookings at his own leisure.

Hardy also said that he’s made enough money during his time in WWE and is “set for life” financially. He noted that he still likes working the indies as it allows him to continue making a decent income and also keeps him involved with wrestling.




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