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BTU Wrestling News is a new wrestling news website. What makes this new site better than all the rest? The main reason, is that we are AD FREE! Before starting up BTU News, I would go to other news sites and the first thing we noticed were ads everywhere! Including some where, you click on a post, and an ad would take you to a different website!? That ruined my experience with those websites. So on June 17th, Brett & Alex decided to start their own wrestling news website. And their main focus’ are 1: To have more content than the average wrestling news site. and 2: be AD FREE! Everybody’s reason for going to a pro wrestling news website, is for the wrestling news, not advertisements everywhere, getting in the way of the reason why your there, which is for the wrestling news. So help us continue being the Utlimate AD FREE Source For All Things Pro Wrestling, by continuing to come back to, and following us on Social Media! Click Here to follow us on Twitter! Click Here to like us on Facebook! And down below, is a little about the creators and writers of BTU News!

Brett is an independent professional wrestler, and a film maker. You can visit his website by going to! You can also follow Brett on social media by clicking on the icons:


I’m an independent Professional Wrestler from Des Moines, Iowa. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a huge wrestling fan and always quick to give my opinion on anything presented. My website is






Because we pride ourselves on being AD FREE, that means we do not get paid from this. We do this for the love of pro wrestling, and to give you, the fans, the best source of news possible! Please help us out, and help keep this site advertisement free by donating a few dollars! Every penny counts! Thank you for your support!


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Have a question for Brett or Alex? Shoot us an email by clicking here!


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