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Batista: The Animal Unleashed DVD/Documentary REVIEW


I recently sat down and watched the newly released Batista:The Animal Unleashed DVD/Documentary Set. The documentary portion starts out recapping Batista’s childhood and his rise to the top of the WWE by winning the World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania 21 back in 2005. A good majority of this documentary is through the duration of the day of the Royal Rumble, with Batista talking about what he has been doing for the past 4 years at random times within the day.

I enjoyed the fact that Batista did not act like the in-ring character “big guy” that he is portrayed as on television, but had some comedy elements and an easy feel within the interview. He leaves his Pittsburgh hotel on at the beginning of the day and arrives at the arena for the Royal Rumble. He then touches on his injuries that he has received, his somewhat successful MMA career, his low-rider love including his Eddie Guerrero tribute low-rider, his gym that has been training him and keeping him in shape and his Marvel movie, Guardian.

We then see the behind the scenes dilemma’s of him requesting new gear and them not be prepared on time, his zipper breaking on his boot, and him not being able to find Guerrilla position for his Royal Rumble match and ultimate victory. He briefly touches on the fan reactions he received and how it “breaks his heart” when they say he doesn’t deserve it and that he feels they “forgot the last 10-12 years” of work he did. He also stated many times throughout that once he came back he was back and that was his main focus, yet by time this DVD came out he was already gone.


My rating: 6.90

I was hoping for a way longer Documentary. My run time I recorded was 49 minutes which, to me, is unacceptable for a $20.00 DVD. Of course we get matches as well, but many were just matches that had not been put on his previous DVD with the addition of the 2014 Royal Rumble and his match at Elimination Chamber against Alberto Del Rio. I don’t regret buying this DVD because I do enjoy watching Batista and it was a pleasant surprise, due to the fact that I hadn’t looked at the matches beforehand, to find that the main event from my VERY FIRST live event was on there. Other than that it was Mediocre at best.

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Thanks for reading–Alex Dunagan


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